Career LAunch Program in Information Technology

CLAP IT – A boon for IT IMS industry

CLAP IT is a premium IT-Infrastructure training framework designed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the industry for fresh graduates to make them ‘job ready’ for the Industry. Over the past 5 years, it has placed countless qualified IT IMS trained professionals in a number of MNCs.

Train your IT IMS recruits with CLAP IT

Today, while the IT IMS industry is growing at an impressive CAGR of 22.8%*, one of the challenges faced by the industry is finding trained professionals at the entry level. While there is a huge demand for IT IMS professionals in the domestic as well as international arena, it is ironic that training related to IT IMS subjects is not provided in any college or university. Also, there is little or no awareness about the potential of IT IMS career. In fact, IT IMS is one of the fastest growing sectors and employs a major share of IT professionals in the sector. This has led to a dearth of IT IMS talent in the country. Hence, there is a need for colleges and universities to step up measures to provide training in courses related to IT IMS.

The huge gap between demand for and supply of IT professionals also exists because of the gap in the theoretical education the Universities provide and the practical skills required by the industry. This often results in companies spending countless man hours in search of right candidates and then investing in their training. Thus, acquisition of IT IMS talent has been a major challenge for organisations providing IT IMS services.

CLAP IT has been developed to address this problem and this IT-Infra training framework can help you to transform the new engineers ‘job ready’ in the shortest possible time and thus accelerating organizational productivity and saving training cost by as much as 80%.

CLAP IT intends to impart foundation level skills required for IT Infrastructure Management Services to:

  • Masters/Graduates/Under-graduates and Diploma with no prior work-experience
  • Graduates who are pursuing (or who have completed) engineering degree
  • Newly recruited engineers

Design and Service Oriented Approach

  1. Content developed keeping in mind industry expectations
  2. Case study driven program to experience the real time situations
  3. 360-degree view at IMS eco-system on
    • IT Services
    • Service Components
    • Technology architecture
    • Security
    • Processes, People & Tools
    • Demonstrates relationships between the service components and their impact
    • Equips candidate with the “big picture” view without losing focus on service components
  4. Makes fresh graduates to understand the “Impact of Services on Business”
  5. Reduction in training costs
  6. Quick deployment of new recruits to projects

Key Differentiators

  1. Holistic approach: Equips the candidate with not just technology but the entire ECO system
  2. Best-in-Class Course material: Course designed and developed by senior consultants from Industry
  3. Well-conceived and designed pedagogy: Expert coaching, case-study based discussions and situation-based assignments and assessments
  4. Multi-level Assessment of candidates: Baseline, Mid-Term and Final Assessment that ensures quality

Benefits to organization

  1. Saves training Cost
  2. Quick deployment of new recruits
  3. Reduced billability time

The program equips the candidates with knowledge and skills required to perform Level 1 support in Infra Management Service.

Network Labs_Slide 03

  1. 360 hrs program designed by industry experts on 3WH framework (what, why, where and how)
  2. Real time case studies
  3. Problem Statement/Scenario
  4. High quality multimedia rich training videos developed by Professional Multimedia Engineers with proper IDE (Instructional Design Engineers)
  5. Lab Guides
  6. Demonstration videos to support knowledge on labs and experiments
  7. Reference material to complement e-learning
  8. Clearly defined learning objectives, such as ‘need to know’ and ‘good to know’
  9. Delivery through home grown LMS, which includes
    • Role based login – Super admin, Tenant admin and Student Login
    • Module wise and lesson wise videos
    • Test engine – Assessment metrics at the end of modules
    • Quiz for quick recap – Integrated quiz
    • Learner progress reports