Course Name: Providing Help Desk Support for Citrix XenApp

Course Code: CXA-100-1IDays: 2 Days

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This course introduces help desk professionals to XenApp and prepares them to troubleshoot common issues.  Students will learn to identify whether more complex issues are related to the XenApp product, the network or directory services.  By knowing the general problem area, help desk professionals can transfer cases to the appropriate person, such as a XenApp administrator or a network administrator. Interactive instructor-led discussion and hands-on labs and exercises guide learners through help desk tasks and prepare them to troubleshoot common issues encountered in a XenApp environment.


This course is intended for XenApp help desk professionals.

Preparatory Recommendations

It is recommended that learners have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 or Microsoft Windows Server™ 2008 environments, Active Directory, group membership within Active Directory and experience with basic client network connectivity.

Key Skills

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to perform the following:

  • Describe the Citrix troubleshooting methodology
  • Identify the features, components, services and communications of Citrix XenApp 5.0
  • Describe the different management consoles
  • Describe Citrix administrator account privileges
  • Describe the components of the various published resource types, including streaming
  • Understand the core architecture and communications used by the Citrix XenApp Plugin for

Hosted Apps

  • Understand the XenApp logon process and possible delays
  • Recognize how Active Directory policies can affect a XenApp implementation
  • Recognize how XenApp policies are processed
  • Identify policy rules and filters
  • View policy configurations
  • Use the policy search engine
  • Understand how ICA session printing is routed
  • Identify services and settings that affect printing
  • Understand the Web Interface and Secure Gateway communication processes
  • Manage sessions
  • Shadow users
  • Troubleshoot application issues, including seamless applications
  • Troubleshoot sessions and session connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot streamed applications and sessions, including offline access to streamed applications
  • Troubleshoot policy issues
  • Troubleshoot common printing issues
  • Troubleshoot client to Web Interface communication issues
  • Troubleshoot Web Interface authentication issues
  • Troubleshoot Web Interface enumeration issues
  • Troubleshoot Secure Gateway

Instructional Method

This instructor-led training course provides interactive presentations, discussion and practical application through hands-on labs and group activities. An on-line student resource is available.

Course Length

2 days

Certification Preparation

This course is not part of a certification path.

Topic Outline

Provided is the topic outline for CXA-100-1I.

  • Introducing the Citrix Troubleshooting Methodology
    • Introducing the Citrix Troubleshooting Methodology
    • Evaluating a Citrix Environment
    • Implementing the Troubleshooting Methodology: Practice
    • Identifying Citrix Troubleshooting Resources
  • Introducing XenApp
    • Citrix XenApp 5.0 Architecture and Communications
    • XenApp 5.0 Features
  • Using Administrative Consoles
    • Management Consoles in XenApp 5.0
    • License Management Console
    • Access Management Console
    • XenApp Advanced Configuration
    • Citrix Administrator Accounts and Permissions
    • Remote Console Connections
    • Session Monitoring
  • Introducing Published Applications and Resources
    • Published Resources
    • Application Streaming
  • Troubleshooting Applications
    • Shadowing Users
    • Troubleshooting Common Issues
    • Content Redirection
    • Troubleshooting Application Streaming
  • Troubleshooting Clients
    • Citrix XenApp Plugins for Windows
    • Architecture and Communication
    • Citrix XenApp Plugin Installation
    • Citrix XenApp Plugin Usage
    • ICA Sessions
    • roubleshooting ICA Session Connectivity
    • Streamed Sessions
  • Troubleshooting Policies
    • Architecture and Communication
    • Active Directory Policies
    • XenApp Policies
    • Troubleshooting Policies
  • Troubleshooting Printing
    • Architecture and Communication
    • Print Drivers
    • Print Settings
    • Driver Management
    • Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues
    • Troubleshooting Slow Printing Across a WAN
    • Identifying Potential Issues
  • Troubleshooting Web Interface
    • Web Interface Architecture and Communications
    • Securing Communication from the Client to Web Interface
    • Troubleshooting Authentication
    • Troubleshooting Common Errors
    • Using the Secure Gateway Management Console


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