Course Name: Nimble Storage Fundamentals & Administration (NTS-2001-I)

Course Code: Days: 5 Days

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Day 1

Pre-Assessment (MCQ based)

Module 1: Technology Overview

  • Overview of Storage Technologies
  • Introduction to CASL
  • Understanding CASL Architecture
  • Introduction to Unified Flash Fabric
  • Nimble Storage Architecture
  • Scale-to- Fit Components & Benefits
  • Implementing Nimble’s Scale-to-Fit
  • Networking Principles with Nimble
  • Fiber Channel / iSCSI
  • Array Administration
  • Working with Volumes

Day 2

Lab Exercises

  • Fundamentals of Storage Array Components
  • Discuss High Availability of Array Components / Architecture
  • Introduction to Nimble OS Features
  • Nimble Storage Data Protection Features
  • Understanding Nimble Snapshots
  • Understanding Nimble Replication Technology
  • Monitoring / Alert Features
  • Working with Nimble Storage
  • Using Nimble Infosight – Management & Monitoring

Day 3

Module 2: Administration (Lab Exercises)

  • Perform initial configuration of a new array with NSM & GUI
  • Perform post-installation tests
  • Create volumes and zero-copy clones
  • Attach & verify volumes/clones to Windows
  • Create and modify data protection polices for volumes
  • Restore volumes and individual files from a snapshots
  • Set up replication and perform basic DR operations
  • Use the Nimble GUI to monitor array capacity/performance
  • Navigate Nimble’s InfoSight to identify long-term trends
  • Manage multi-array (scale-out) groups

Day 4

Module 3: Storage Array & OS (Lab Exercises)

  • Configuration of Windows Server Host
  • Configuration of iSCSI Service
  • Volume management via Host
  • Volume expansion
  • Lab Exercises

Day 5

Module 4: Nimble SmartStack

  • Introduction to SmartStack
  • Demo on SmartStack
  • Working with Technical Support
  • Overview of Nimble University

Post- Assessment (MCQ based)