Course Name: Dell Compellent / Storage Manager Training

Course Code: Days: 5 Days

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Day 1

Storage Fundamentals

  • Storage Architecture
  • Storage Topologies
  • Overview of FC & iSCSI
  • Introduction to Dell SC Series
  • Hardware Components of SC Series
  • Overview of Storage OS – Storage Center

Module 1: Storage Center Fundamentals

  • Functional Overview
  • Deployment Architectures
  • Hardware Best Practices
  • Zoning Configurations
  • User Interfaces
  • Software Overview

Module 2: Enterprise Manager Installation

  • Client installation
  • Data Collector installation
  • User management

Day 2

Module 3: Storage Center Hardware

  • Controller Comparisons and Components
  • Enclosure Components
  • Communication Links

Module 4: Volume and Server Management

  • Volume and Server Creation
  • Volume to Server Mappings
  • Copy, Mirror and Migrate Volumes
  • Replay Manager

LAB Exercises

  • Signing into the Dell Storage Manager GUI
  • Reviewing the Dell Storage Manager Interface
  • Reviewing the Dell Storage Manager Web Interface
  • Navigate PS Series Management within Dell Storage Manager
  • Creating a new SC Series Volume
  • Viewing the volume in Windows Host
  • Using Deduplication and Compressing
  • Using Live Migrate

Day 3

Module 5: Replay and Data Progression Management

  • Data Instant Replay
  • Consistency Options
  • Creating and Recovering Replays
  • Data Progression
  • Storage Profiles

Module 6: Remote Data Instant Replay

  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous
  • Replication Configuration
  • Failover and Failback
  • Disaster Recovery Deployment
  • Live Volume

LAB Exercises

  • Creating a Manual Snapshot
  • Using the Manual Snapshot to recover from data loss
  • Deleting the Manual Snapshot volume
  • Showing how to set and use a Snapshot Profile
  • Creating Replication
  • Creating Cross Platform Replication between a SC and PS Array

Day 4

Module 7: Storage Center System Management

  • User Types
  • Disk Drive Sparing
  • Failed Drive Replacement
  • Controller Failover and Recovery
  • Report Options and Automation
  • Threshold Alerts and Chargeback

LAB Exercises

  • Using Dell Storage Manager for Monitoring and Alerts
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Performing real-time analysis
  • Using Performance Quality of Service
  • Configuring Alerts and Thresholds
  • Querying past events
  • Dell Storage Manager Reporting
  • Using Chargeback feature (Optional)

Day 5

Module8: Use Cases for Disaster Recovery & Migration

  • Introduction to DR Tier
  • Type of DR Scenarios
  • Discuss Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • How to Define and Achieve RTO / RPO
  • Data Migration Strategy – Discuss various parameters
  • Considerations during Migration – Pre / Post
  • Planning a checklist for Migration
  • Best Practices for Migration
  • Discuss Use Cases / Real Time project based examples for DR / Migration
  • Identify Tools / Resources from Dell for Migration